Oct. 14

Webinar FlowFast Kanban

Visualization in Value Delivery Flow




How does visualization help with value delivery?

Typical problems of knowlege work
  • Invisible work items
  • Various types of elements and flows
  • Invisible work items

Typical approaches to value delivery visualization

Flow visualisation
  • ToDo-InPro-Done Is it enough?
  • Vertical and horizontal separation
  • Where we have to put finished work
What is work items
  • Work Items identifying
  • What we can add
  • Basic recommendations for WI design

Problems with boards

It shows the World as-is
Easy to keep in actual state
Clear an useful for all participants
Esy to use for the flow management and prioritisation

SUMMARY: Signs of good visualisation

- to many steps
- to many complexity
- useless boars
  • Simplicity context and boards hierarchy
  • Should we visualise chaos?
  • Empathy to the board

What are you know after webinar

The significance of visualization in the Value Delivery Flow and how it aids in improving value delivery processes.
Various effective approaches to visualize value delivery, providing practical insights for implementation in their teams or projects.
Common challenges associated with visualization boards and strategies to address these issues.
Key indicators of successful visualization, empowering ma


John  Bell
Head of SEO Upsere
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